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… only to find that you can’t find one that’s available? You can leave a voice mail and hope that they call you back. You need a home inspector that’s available, dependable – and knowledgable when it comes to knowing recent laws, regulations and being able to explain to you the home inspection report. It does’t have to be that hard to find the right home inspector, right?

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Test administered to detect radon levels. Radon is a radioactive gas that can cause lung cancer over time

Sewer/Septic Inspection

Video imaging of the septic line - identifying potential blockages, breaks or leaks.


Water is taken to a certified lab and tested for coliform and E. coli


Detects infrared energy emitted from objects, converts it to temperature and provides images of temperature distribution.

Whether you need an inspection for your new home or one for a client, you need someone dependable - and someone who is available! Scheduling a home inspection with us is easy and convenient. When the inspection is complete, we spend time with you going over and helping you understand all the details of the report. It's exceptional service from a dependable and reliable home inspector.

David Bourgeois

Home Inspector

About David

David Bourgeois is a local home inspector and property manager in the Bitterroot Valley. David began his career in home inspections as an electrician in 2001. He moved into the general construction industry until moving to Hamilton in 2017 where he began property management with his partner, Angela. He has built a solid network of community support through his strong work ethic and a plethora of knowledgeable experience.

When he’s not meeting with clients to help them achieve their dreams of becoming a homeowner or prioritizing homeowner needs, David can often be found with his family enjoying all that the Bitterroot Valley has to offer from fishing to floating, paddle boarding and mountain biking, day hikes to multi-day backpacking trips, snowboarding and cross-country skiing.


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